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Sermon for February 15 - Rev Dr Peter Trudinger
Gospel for February 22 - Heaven Open for Us
Sermon for February 22 - Rev Ann Butler
Gospel for March 1 - Life Saving and Losing


Uniting Church SA Bushfire Relief

Fire Clouds Financial donations to help with recovery following the recent bushfires in our State can be made through the Uniting Church Synod of South Australia.

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Funds given through Synod will be available to help congregations support those affected in their local community through the provision of chaplaincy, extra pastoral support, and special events to assist in recovery or practical help in a myriad of ways. Our donations will assist congregations in the affected areas to actively demonstrate God's compassion, comfort and hope to people who have experienced distress as a result of these disastrous fires.

During January, we ran a special retiring offering for Synod’s bushfire relief fund. If you would still like to make a donation, you can contact the Synod office by telephone on 8236 4204, or you can make a donation on their secure online page at If you require any assistance in making your donation, please contact the Scots Church Office. 

The Uniting Church is responsible for the Ecumenical Disaster and Recovery Ministries in South Australia. The church trains and deploys a team of chaplains (lay and ordained from all denominations) who provide pastoral and spiritual support to the broader community in times of disaster such as these bushfires. At the invitation of the SA Government these chaplains are called to exercise important ministry in Emergency Relief and Recovery Centres and through Impact Assessment Teams visiting affected people in their homes. Our teams have been active in such Centres and there will be ongoing ministry in the weeks and even months to come. 

The Moderator, Dr Deidre Palmer, wrote:

In this time of deep distress for many people in our South Australian community, we have also witnessed enormous courage and selfless service particularly from the CFS, other emergency workers and volunteers. We have been encouraged by stories of people's kindness and generosity to one another. We pray God will continue to bring comfort and strength to those affected. 

Lent and Easter Program

Wednesday 18th February, 7.00pm - Ash Wednesday Service
Sunday 29th March, 10.30am - Palm Sunday Service
Thursday, 2nd April, 7.00 pm - Maundy Thursday Service
Friday, 3rd April, 9.30am - Good Friday Service
Sunday, 5th April, 10.30am - Easter Day Service
Also: Lent and the Lenten Studies


Illumina Voices at The Fringe

     Illumina Voices
Around the World in 80 Minutes
Thursday 19th February, 5.30pm
Sunday 22nd February. 3.30pm
Scots Church Adelaide
To purchase tickets visit

Scots Church Adelaide is playing Venue to the Illumina Choir during the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival. They will be performing two concerts, and the description of the programme below promises a very enjoyable event! If you would like to purchase tickets, you can visit the Fringe outlet in Rundle Mall, or go online

The beautiful harmonies and enthusiasm of Illumina take you on a magic carpet ride around the world! Enjoy songs, movement and percussion as these remarkable women celebrate our diverse world.

Our tour begins in Australia with some entertaining traditional and contemporary songs. We then go to Asia for the haunting Chinese 'Kanding Folk Song' featuring a lyrical obligato played by talented clarinettist Charise Altmann, followed by the traditional Japanese song 'Hana'. Next stop is America, with the timeless 'Shenandoah' sung by the vocal quartet "Cantorae", the famous 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'The Drinking Gourd' with its hidden message to slaves searching for freedom. These are followed by the stirring rhythms of 'Oye!', highlighting the plight of children in Guatemala. Europe beckons with the lively Spanish 'Boleras Sevillanas' complete with castanets, and moving English folk song 'The Water of Tyne'. We then travel further east with the exquisite Czech song 'Ach! Synku' and two gypsy songs 'Sao Roma' and 'Niska Banja'. Our journey ends in Africa with two spirited and rousing songs 'Dubula' and Siyahamba'.

Professionally directed by Deborah Munro, Illumina Voices conclude this memorable adventure with the song made famous by Louis Armstrong, 'What a Wonderful World'.


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