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Scots Church Fellowship

ucaflogoOur small group met for lunch and a time of sharing memories at our meeting on the 1st June.

In a short devotional time we reflected on winning and losing. In football one or two points can make the difference between equally strong teams being the winner or the loser. A swimmer can win a race by six one hundredths of a second, winning a place in a team or even a gold medal. But does it always have to be win or lose? Can it be win and win? When we remember the value God places on every person, when we remember Jesus' words about loving, wanting what is good even for those who seem to be our enemies, when we treat people with respect and listen, trying to understand points of view different from our own, then we can reach a win win conclusion. We praise God for the love and acceptance we find in the family of the church and pray that we may reflect this in all our relationships.

Margaret Morey and Norah Norris reported on the launch of the Australian Church Women’s Community Concern project for 2017 which they had attended. It is “Tender Loving Carers”, a support group for people with younger (under age 65) dementia and their families. There will be a series of morning/afternoon teas at various churches throughout the metropolitan area to share information and raise funds for the Visits, Retreats, Wellbeing Days and Social Events arranged by the team.

Mary Thomas had planned and gained permission from Church Council for the Fellowship to conduct a fundraiser, “The Price of a Slice”, for Frontier Services at morning tea each Sunday during May. When Mary was unexpectedly taken to hospital and so couldn't do the baking she had planned, our Church Administrative Assistant, Deb Prior, stepped in at the last minute to produce the slices for the first two weeks (with Rosalie cutting and serving goods on the day) then Margaret Nolan and Anne McGlashan produced slices the remaining two Sundays. The donations (some a little larger than the gold coin requested) raised $354.90 which will support the Parkin-Sturt Patrol in the north of South Australia. The Fellowship thanks Mary for the initial idea and the three friends who produced the delicious goodies for morning tea.

Packing Day goods to be sent to remote communities in Northern and Central Australia and Alice Springs were collected in May and we thank Jeffrey and Jeanene Schapel for delivering our goods to the packing place at Marion church.

The Fellowship’s theme for the day was “Growing Up in the Church” and members all shared stories about their childhood and youth, remembering Sunday School activities, particularly anniversaries and special people. Memories included different denominations and different places, including New Zealand (Alleyne) and England (Betty Christiansen). We remembered Sundays that were wholly filled with Church Services, Sunday School or Bible Class and other related groups like Christian Endeavour and with family activities – so different from young people's Sundays today! We enjoyed our time of happy memories.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 6th July. All are welcome. July is our winter meeting when there will be a cup of hot soup to supplement the sandwich or whatever you bring for yourself. Betty Christiansen will tell us about her trip to Europe. Come and join us!     Rev Norah Norris

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