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At our October meeting we heard about the Uniting Church Stamp Group - a small group of volunteers who work each Monday morning in the Synod Office sorting used postage stamps. They have buyers who buy stamps in bulk, enabling them to donate funds to missions.

With information from "Sally Stamp" we were given guidelines about trimming with 5 mm of paper surrounding the stamp, not to soak stamps off the paper, and to throw away any stamps post-marked too heavily, or torn, stained, or damaged in any way. The Committee sell stamps in aid of mission funds, usually raising between $2,000 and $2,500 each year. As well they accept donations of private Stamp Collections, some of which are quite valuable. Fellowship Members Audrey Scrimgeour and Alleyne Womersley have contributed in this way.

The money raised is used to help fund shipments of used school books to countries through an organization called South Pacific School Aid who collect used school books from schools, groups and individuals, and ship them to many places around the world.

The Committee encourages people to save their stamps for this cause.

Perhaps you could get your friends and neighbours to do the same, or approach a business in your area to save their envelopes and give them to you. E-mail means that many people nowadays do not write letters, and many arrive in your mail without a stamp - so it is important for us all to save what we have. Please trim as above and bring them to church - Deb Prior will see that they reach the Synod Office.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 5th November at noon - BYO lunch. It is "Amongst Ourselves" and Lillias Thomson will share with us some of the highlights of her recent cruise. A warm invitation is issued to everyone to join us. Margaret Morey is Facilitator and Audrey Scrimgeour is on Kitchen Duties.

Please note -A very exciting time is promised for our end of year meeting on Thursday 3rd December, it's a surprise, so SAVE THE DAY, and watch this space in the next issue of “Talk” for all the details.

Mary Thomas

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