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Parking on the Forecourt

At its July 2015 meeting Church Council addressed some concerns about parking on the forecourt of the church. Some of the concerns talked about were: 

  • at times, as many as 5 cars parked on the forecourt
  • the entrance to the eastern porch of the church blocked by parked cars, which is particularly problematic when the church is open to visitors on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as it obstructs their pathway into the church 
  • parked cars overhanging onto the pavement, which then becomes an obstruction to pedestrians 

The Council Executive were asked to put together a document to guide both the office staff and the congregation concerning this thorny issue.

As a congregational member coming into the church on business, such as attending a committee meeting or doing volunteer work, by contacting the office staff you can book a parking place on the forecourt. However, there are only 4 places available so bookings are made on a “first come first served” basis. Under no circumstances should a member of the congregation assume that a spot will be available without first making a booking. 

The guidelines also state: 

  • no more than 4 cars may be parked on the forecourt at any one time
  • 2 parking spaces are for the use of the Minister and the Church Administrator
  • There is to be no parking in front of the church tower (i.e. the eastern entrance to the church).
  • Tradespeople may park on the forecourt for the duration of the work they are doing for the church but will be asked to avoid peak times such as Church Council meetings. The same criteria applies to deliveries. 

Church Council asks all congregational members to note these guidelines and work within them when attending the church weekdays 9am to 4pm.     Evelina Bruhn

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