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To worship means to ascribe worth to some thing or some person. A church worships God.

However, worship is not restricted to what happens “in church” on Sunday mornings.  To say to God, “…because you’re worth it!” is a whole of life statement.  Worship is the activity of our whole lives. We would scarcely be worshipful if we sang the hymns on Sunday and then went out and swindled people for the rest of the week!  Is God really “worth it” if we think it’s ok to steal, or to live a life full of hatred.

On this website you will see that worship includes what happens “in church.”  But it’s also about theology… the way we think and talk about the Divine, and struggle to understand what it means to be human. It’s about how we seek to serve others, which is the root meaning of ministry.

Being hospitable and caring is central to saying that God is worth it. If we have no care for others we must question our Christianity.  Worship is also about the way we treat the earth and its creatures. It’s about having a care for the way our lives affect those who are far away from us and not merely our friends and family.




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