Sunday Bible- June 11 Rev Paul Turley


Two Old Guys -  for June 11 Revs Phil Hoffman and Paul Turley


 The Minister's Message - Talk Jun 2023 

We have just celebrated Pentecost. 

Well, we’ve commemorated it really. If we were serious about celebrating, we would have all gone camping for a week.

This is how the Jews of Jesus’s time and still today celebrated Pentecost, also called Shavuot or the Festival of Booths. Setting up temporary tents (booths) outside their homes and living in them for the week of the festival was a celebration of thankfulness for God’s provision while the ancient Hebrews wandered in the wilderness for forty years. 

It is likely that the streets of Jerusalem would have been lined with these booths during the events that are detailed in the first part of Acts chapter 2.... Read on >>>>


First Nations Peoples and the Uniting Church in Australia

This year each one of us is faced with a critical decision which, as in 1967, will directly affect the lives of three quarters of a million of our fellow Australians. What is our response to the Uluru Statement from the Heart of so many of the Indigenous people of this land? And will we vote in favour of, or against, what is being called an Indigenous Voice to Parliament? The Uniting Church in Australia is one of the few mainstream Australian organisations which has already seriously faced some of these sorts of questions and made a response which may help us to make up our minds in deciding which way to vote in the Referendum on the Voice later this year... Read on >>>>

Harvest Thanksgiving March 26

20230510-harvest thanksgiving

Youth Day

20230405-foxy_Jill01Foxy came to help Jill at Youth Day

James and Miguel's Wedding






Sunday June 4 2023

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Preacher: Rev Paul Turley
Organ played by Mr Ashleigh Tobin OAM
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