Op Shop at Scots

After much consultation and work by members of Council involved in the proposal of an Op Shop at Scots, we are coming close to making this a concrete reality. The Op Shop is expected to open on August 2nd, using the Hamilton Hall space for the racks of clothes and change room, with outdoor racks on the forecourt in fine weather.  Opening hours are 10 – 4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a trial period of three months. It is anticipated that the Op Shop will attract students and retail workers who walk past Scots.

The Op Shop at Scots has come about through the generous cooperation of Clayton-Wesley UCA.  Clayton- Wesley is the home of the very successful “Goodies” Op Shop.  The Scots Op Shop will be managed by Ann Elleman who also manages Goodies.  Stock will also come from Goodies, which, according to Ann, has far more goods donated than they can sell.  Ann also has a pool of volunteers that she can draw on.  Scots will be providing the venue and the start-up funding for the Op Shop.  The Op Shop will be called “Goodies Too,” in part for practical reasons, for example, price tags will not need to be re-written.  The Council will provide oversight of the initiative.  Even though we could not have done this without outside input, from Ann and Goodies, the Op Shop is a Scots initiative.  Profits from the Op Shop will be used for outreach.

In the longer term, it is hoped that the Op Shop will create other outreach activities – perhaps a small coffee lounge near the kitchen in Hamilton, perhaps the formation of common interest groups drawn from Op Shop customers, or perhaps seminars based on the needs or interests of the clientele.

Feel free to drop by and check out the Op Shop. Volunteers are welcome. 

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