Scots Church Fellowship

How pleased we are, although very few of us, that it was decided to continue meeting on the first Thursday of the month and so share fellowship together over lunch at noon, and for a short time afterwards for a chat and to be made aware of what is happening here at Scots and with the State Fellowship, Uniting Church Adult, Fellowships General Committee. It is good to be together in fellowship, and in July it was a delight to arrive and see Deb (back in the office) to greet us. We are pleased that the staff from the office and Peter our Minister usually bring their lunch to share the time with us - this time we all enjoyed a cup of Pumpkin Soup to have with our sandwich.

The Devotion entitled “Springtime,” telling us Spring is coming – a time of hope – was taken from a resource “Hymns, Prayers and Devotions” published in 1989 by the Synod Committee for Fellowships (now UCAF) was given by Mary Thomas.

Our theme for the day was “A Winter's Tale” and we shared personal stories – Margaret Morey wrote a book in 1980 when she and her late husband, Clive, lived in Tasmania. On one of their trips it snowed, and she had never seen snow before this. Ruth and her sister would get well-rugged up and would ride their bicycles from their home at Morphettville to Glenelg – it was good exercise and they kept warm! Kath read a delightful poem “In the Bleak Mid-Winter”. Alleyne told us of her sister-in-law going to Lae in 1947, packing up, and the transition in climate and life-style from life in Adelaide. Mary shared her 70th birthday in June 1994 when her children suggested she make out a list for a small celebration at her local church (then Holder Memorial) – she did this for about 15 people, however her family had other ideas and got hold of her address book. To her surprise there were about 150 guests there and she brought her album to share photographs taken on the day.

Rev Norah Norris told a Winter Story. In June 1978 (just after the inauguration of the Uniting Church) she had some leave accrued and decided to go overseas for four months. Travelling in Italy to Switzerland, the train on which she was a passenger was delayed, and because of the difficulty with the language she didn't know why. There was a snow storm, and because of storms further north a bridge had collapsed and the railway line was damaged. There was some confusion, and passengers were advised to leave the train. Norah had a large suitcase (she was to be travelling for four months!), and all the passengers, struggling with their luggage, tried to find a seat on buses – they couldn't cope with all the passengers and some were left behind. Finally Norah got on a bus, but had to stand. There were piles of snow on each side of the road, and they arrived at the railway station in the dark, but Norah at last got a seat on a Swiss train which was clean and comfortable. It arrived in Geneva after midnight and Norah didn't have any Swiss money, couldn't get a taxi, but fortunately her hotel was just opposite. She woke up next morning to snow.

It was a most enjoyable time of sharing each other's news – also hearing about the successful recent Film Morning, and news from the Church Council about the Op Shop, and the appointment of Dr Margaret Secombe as Chairperson in place of Geoff McManus. Deb Prior has offered to show us some of the photos she took whilst in Rome, and to tell us about her trip, so a warm invitation is extended to all members of congregation, men as well as women, to come along and share time with us, and hear about Deb's trip. BYO lunch on Thursday 4th August, at noon. Margaret Morey offered to be Facilitator, and Mary Thomas will attend to kitchen duties.

Members were reminded of the Adelaide North West Regional Fellowship Celebration (on the afternoon before our meeting) Wednesday 31st August, at 1.30 p m at Western Link UC corner of Hammond & Crittenden Roads, Findon. The theme is “Our Source of Hope” and the speaker is Rev Eric Kirkham.

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