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Recycling at Scots

In late May Scots Church set up a recycling program for all of our waste at our North Terrace premises in order to divert as much material as possible away from landfill.

A big thank you to the Scots community who have been so diligent in supporting this new system. We can report that our recycling bins are now always full, lots of organic material is getting composted, and very little is actually being placed in the “rubbish” bins! This is very good news for the environment and also our budget.

If you missed TALK from last month, here is a brief introduction to the new recycling program. Where there was once a single rubbish bin, you will now find the option of green (organic/ compost), yellow (co-mingled recycling) and red (rubbish) bins across the premises.

2017-07-recycle1Organic (Green) – ALL FOOD – tea bags, coffee grounds, biscuits, meat and bones, all left overs and food scraps. The saying is “Did it grow? Then it can go”. So even wooden stirrers and some paper can go here – e.g. oily pizza boxes. All the paper towels from washing your hands – in both the kitchen and bathrooms. (NO Plastic Glass or metal here)

2017-07-recycle2Co-Mingled Recycling (Yellow) – all plastic with a recycle triangle on it, tin cans, newspapers, office paper, envelopes, cardboard packets, even take away coffee cups and cutlery. (It can go in dirty, but we would prefer you at least give it a quick rinse – especially milk containers.)

2017-07-recycle3Rubbish (Red) – plastic wrap (e.g. Glad wrap), other food wrappers, non-recyclable plastic bags, used pens or blue tack …. Not really too much left for this hopefully! (It is important that NO FOOD is placed in this bin)

If you have any questions, or suggestions to improve things, do not hesitate to call Madeleine in the office.

Madeleine Stocks, Church Administrator

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