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Scots Church Fellowship

Fellowship met for their usual monthly meeting on Thursday June 4th. Following lunch together, d Audrey gave a short devotion, saying that as a girl her family lived in Bordertown, and her Sunday School Teacher encouraged the children to learn a passage of scripture rather than just a verse. The teacher was very fond of the psalms and Audrey read Psalm 43 – God is our refuge and our strength – the  psalmist encourages us to thank God for what he has done, and he is always there for us.

We then showed each item we had brought along, and told why we treasure it, so it was fascinating sharing each story. Alleyne's family had recently visited the Arctic region, and gave her a beautiful glass paper weight, carved to resemble a block of ice with the image of a polar bear inscribed. Norah brought along a beautiful small coffee pot and matching cup and saucer, and told how her Grandma (born in 1866) wanted a tea set, and on her 11th birthday was given one – it was actually a coffee service of 6 small cups & saucers, jug and sugar basin, and small coffee pot. Norah was allowed to play with it and was given it on her 11th birthday. Margaret recently inadvertently locked her keys in the car and needed to call the RAA for assistance – she decided her treasure was her RAA Membership card! Last month Audrey told us about her father keeping a diary in 1916-17 during his service in World War 1 – this month she brought it along. It was tiny – only about 6cm x 4cm, and he wrote in it each day with very small but legible printing. Using the diary and information available on his computer, Audrey's son has written a book, “Private Noble's Story”. Marj did a good turn for a friend and she took her wedding ring from her finger and gave it to Marj – her daughter now has it for safe-keeping. Kath told us about a beautiful hand stitched sampler her grandfather's sister made for him. Kath's grandmother gave to her. Mary brought along a cup, saucer and plate which was part of an afternoon tea set given to her mother on her wedding day in 1914. When Lillias moved house several years ago she distributed lots of her treasures to her family, but she kept three pieces of a wash-stand set – the candle-sticks.

Our next meeting is on Thursday July 2nd at 12 noon. Margaret is Facilitator and kitchen duties will be shared by Marj and Audrey . As this is our mid-winter meeting we will enjoy a mug of chicken soup from our “Soup Kitchen” – bring your own sandwich. Everyone is welcome.

Rev Dean and Mrs Judy Eland are our speakers. In 1980 the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu led the independence movement, and Dean and Judy stayed there for three months during that period. They have visited twice since then, and with the aid of a power-point presentation will tell us about “Vanuatu then and now”. A warm invitation is extended to members of the congregation to join us.

 Mary Thomas


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