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Worship Notes - May 2015

The Day of Pentecost

The Day of Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church. The name comes from that of a Jewish festival, called Pentecost (in Greek) or Shavot (in Hebrew) that was held 50 days after the Passover and which celebrated the giving of the Torah on Mt Sinai and the harvest. The Christian Pentecost is held 50 days after Easter Sunday.

The story of the first Christian Pentecost is found in the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts (see Luke 24, Acts 1-2). According to this story, after the resurrection, Jesus remained with the disciples for a while, before “leaving”. Luke portrays his departure very concretely, as an ascension up into the sky to be with God. (This year, Ascension Day is May 14.) However, this did not mean that God had left the Christians on their own. God’s presence on earth with them now took the form of the Holy Spirit. The Book of Acts has a colourful description of the coming of the Holy Spirit, dancing above people like tongues of flame and enabling miraculous communication.

This year, our reading for Pentecost is from the Gospel of John. John does not give us the same story as in Luke. Instead, in the Gospel of John, Jesus talks about the Spirit as the helper or advocate, present with the disciples after Jesus has departed, who will teach and recall Jesus’s teaching (14:26; 15:26-16:15).

In the logo of the UCA, the Spirit is symbolized as a dove with wings of flame. In the logo for Scots Church, she is a bird hovering over the city drawing it to herself, with her wings open to embrace the city.

 150th Anniversary of  The Presbyterian Church in SASunday 3rd May 2015 

Over the past few years the Uniting Church Historical Society has been developing and encouraging an appreciation of the former Presbyterian Church in SA and reviving Logo of the Presbyterian Churchinterest in this tradition as part of our SA church history. As part of celebrating the Union we are drawing attention to a significant achievement in overcoming differences and learning to work together. 

Sunday the 3rd of May will be an opportunity to reflect on the history of the Uniting Church and Presbyterianism and what significance this has for the Uniting Church and the wider church community in SA. 

This service is the initiative of the UC Historical Society and should not be missed by Scots Church congregation and visitors interested in the past and its implications for the future as we celebrate this historic union. (with thanks to Rev Dr Dean Eland, Secretary of the Uniting Church Historical Society)

Jazz Service - 17th of May
Spend the morning with Gospel Jazz Singer Marilyn Keller! 

Internationally renowned Jazz, Blues and Gospel singer Marilyn Keller will be spending the Gospel Jazz Singer Marilyn Kellermorning celebrating worship with the congregation of Scots Church Adelaide on the 17th of May 2015. 

Marilyn was Born raised in the USA. Her church life began early as she was a member of her church choir from a young age, and her Father was a Baptist Minister. For the past 23 years she has coordinated the music for a large Lutheran congregation in Oregon USA – services often attract 700 worshippers! Marilyn and her musicians also tour bringing their love of gospel, blues and jazz to congregations and gatherings throughout the world. 

Dr Don Hopgood AO, current President and Archivist of the South Australian Jazz Archive Inc, in conjunction with our Minister Rev Dr Peter Trudinger, has arranged for Ms Keller and her musicians to enrich our liturgy as well as staying to join with Scots for morning fellowship after the service on the 17th of May. 

Please do not miss this opportunity to enjoy Marilyn’s soulful voice here at Scots Church Adelaide – Spread the word amongst your friends, family, and lovers of gospel music! (Biographical information and photograph from  The Culture Concept Circle)


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