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Scots Fellowship

Scots Church Fellowship

As our April Meeting was just before Easter, we were delighted that Rev. Norah Norris agreed to once again give us a special message for Easter, and this she certainly did. Margaret Morey was in charge – for opening Devotions Margaret gave us an Easter Reading from the "Aussie Bible", and read a Devotion from Bruce Prewer.

We shared news from the Paschke Family's news-letter –they give their thanks for the support they have received for many years – they are now back in Australia, having accepted a settlement in Geraldton WA. There was a brochure from the Bible Society with literature about their projects. We will consider them at the end of the year when we make our donations.

Rev Norah Norris reminded us of the varied programmes she has given us over many years at Easter time. On checking through her files she found that 2001 was the first year! Her theme for this year was "Easter – New Life in Christ". Norah said that very little is said publicly these days about the meaning of Easter. We had some fun cutting out from cardboard appropriate animals we see as symbols associated with Easter - chickens, rabbits and also eggs – the symbol of new life. Customs have changed over the years – now we have symbols (usually chocolate) of a symbol (eggs). Norah invited us to look at Easter Hymns in "Together in Song". We each picked out some lines, or verses, or in some cases the entire hymn, that had a special meaning for each of us – reflecting the meaning of Easter. Later Norah copied out these verses for us all, so that we could reflect on the choices)

We concluded with the following prayer:

Eternal God, God of compassion and love,
as once again we celebrate these days of solemnity and joy,
remembering the dying and rising of Jesus our Lord,
we give thanks for the new life that is his resurrection gift:
life lived with faith that all things are in your hand;
life lived with hope that enables us to face the future calm and unafraid;
life lived with love, that binds us more closely to each other,
makes us more concerned for the world around us,
and draws us closer to Jesus our loving Lord,
in whose name we pray. Amen

We are indeed most blessed to have Norah as one of our Fellowship Members, and Alleyne Womersley warmly thanked her on behalf of us all for the day’s special message.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 4th May. There is a warm welcome for members of the congregation to join us: BYO lunch at 12 noon. Audrey Scrimgeour has agreed to tell us something of her life as a busy wife of a Minister – Rev R. J Scrimgeour, and we look forward to that. Rev Norah Norris will be in charge of the meeting, with Mary Thomas on kitchen duties - she will make preparations for a cup of tea or coffee or a cool drink, in the hope that everyone will help with the clearing up afterwards.

Everyone is reminded of the following forthcoming events:

Launch of Community Concern events by ACW
Friday 19th May at 10 am in Pilgrim UC Hall
This year the support is for carers of people with Younger Onset Dementia - "Team TLC Tender Loving Carers". Donation $5 and there is a "Bring and Buy" Trading Table.

State Mission Fellowship

As is usual on the fourth Tuesday of each month, State Mission Fellowship met for their meeting on the 28th of March. It was unfortunate that this date clashed with the annual Retired Ministers' Lunch, and affected many of the regular people who would usually come to the Mission Meeting, so the attendance was small. Speakers were from "Seeds of Affinity" with Mrs Lesley Williams in the chair – she spoke about "There is no harvest without planting seeds".

As usual, the newsletter we all receive provided us all with news of National & World Mission Support and Frontier Services.

The speaker for the day was Anna Kemp, co-ordinator of "Seeds of Affinity", a group that relates to women who have been in prison. She was accompanied by two former prisoners, Doris and Christine. They told something of the story of their organisation. On their release women struggle with many issues with little support. In the 1990s Anna, with some friends including an ex-prisoner Linda, decided to try to help and projects that would help to meet the women's social and practical needs were developed. Anna and Linda started a group who made and sold biscuits, an activity that provided companionship as well as raising money.

Some at Scots may remember an early project led by Dyane Matthews in which the women made cosmetic creams and lotions, some of which were sold at the church. These and other projects today raise funds to supply toiletry packs to every woman admitted to prison. These are greatly appreciated. Working together through "Seeds of Affinity" provides a sense of belonging where they are not judged but enjoy each other's company and are given confidence as they meet together.

There is no Government funding, so it is a tight budget. Australian Church Women has helped in the past by making "Seeds of Affinity" one of their Community Concerns, and the money raised helps provide equipment for arts (they enjoy colouring in, so need books and pencils), and also ingredients and other expenses for the group still bake biscuits. Suitable premises were needed for this and they have been made very welcome at Semaphore UC who offered space for them. Christine told us how helpful "Seeds" was to her, giving her confidence so that she could believe in herself - she has been supported in many ways whilst in prison and since her discharge

There was no State Mission Fellowship in April because of Anzac Day. The annual Fellowships Day however was held on the 28th April at Burnside UC. The next State Mission Fellowship is on Tuesday 23rd May, at Scots, at 10.00 am, in McGregor Hall. The speaker will be Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler. A warm welcome is extended to come and enjoy a morning of fellowship and learning.

Mary Thomas

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