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Scots Fellowship

ucaflogoOur small group met for BYO lunch and fellowship on Thursday, September 7. We were sorry that Norah couldn't join us as usual but she was having trouble with her telephone and was waiting for a technician to come and remedy it. Margaret Morey started proceedings after lunch with a short devotion which fitted well with the theme of 'travelling' – a reading from Genesis about Abraham's travels to the Promised Land. Betty Christiansen then followed and gave us a most interesting account of the recent trip she and her daughter Jennifer enjoyed in Europe.

After the long flight from Australia to England they were pleased to spend a short time in London catching up with relatives and seeing the sights of this wonderful city, then across to France via the Channel Tunnel. Betty said it was very handy having a walking stick when waiting in queues for passport checks as you can get priority and moved to the front of the queue! After seeing the sights of Paris it was a train ride to Amsterdam to board the ship "Scenic Crystal" which cruised down the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest, stopping off along the way at the various countries in order to take in the scenic beauty and their many customs of note. From Amsterdam to Budapest the ship negotiated sixty eight locks!

They enjoyed so many wonderful experiences and the following are just a few of the highlights – in Germany Cologne Cathedral, vineyards along the Rhine, tasting the beer and attending a concert in Vienna, the astronomical clock in Prague, and in Berlin Check Point Charlie Museum and Memorial, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Betty had brought along some attractive souvenirs and photographs to illustrate her talk which gave us a bit of an idea of what an exciting and enjoyable time they had. Certainly a holiday that will be remembered for many years.       Kath March

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