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SA Community Foodies

How did you learn to cook? UnitingCare Wesley Bowden has many clients who have had no opportunity to learn to cook, no one to show them, no opportunity to discover a variety of healthy foods. The answer is the Community Foodies Program. This is what some of the participants have said:

“My mum worked nights and my dad did a lot of shift work when we were kids so sometimes I was left to look after my brother and sisters after school and in the evenings. There wasn’t ever very much food in the house so I just made what I could to make sure we all had something to eat before we went to bed.”

“I was never taught how to cook. I just read the packets or sometimes tried to do what I saw on TV.”

“Toast and cereal were often on the breakfast and dinner menu! Every now and then Dad left us some money so we could go to the local chicken shop and buy burgers and chips. They were our favourite days.”

“Even now as an adult I don't really have any idea about healthy eating, or what we should or shouldn't be eating. I was just happy to have something to eat and make sure my brother and sisters weren't hungry.”

“My wife is now pregnant and we're expecting our first child in August, so I would really like to know how to keep us all healthy and eat yummy food that doesn't cost a lot. I don't want my child to grow up hungry or constantly getting sick.”

“I have enrolled in a Community Foodies program and I am really looking forward to it. I think there will be others there like me that have never been taught how to make healthy foods that also taste good! And they show you how to shop on a budget and even grow your own food. I'm really excited about that! So, thanks UCWBowden. I'm looking forward to the future and can't wait to be the next master chef in my kitchen!”

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden does two equally important things:

  • Enable those who are experiencing personal, social or financial distress to cope with their immediate situations with strength and dignity
  • Help people and families of all backgrounds to acquire the life skills and support they need to confidently and proudly create a fulfilled and stable future for themselves.

 A donation sent to UnitingCare Wesley Bowden at PO Box 426 Hindmarsh 5007; 8245 7100; will help to continue the delivery of programs like SA Community Foodies to improve the lives of those in need.

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