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Goodies 2U

201709-opshopGoodies 2U has now been trading for a full year!
Thank you to to everyone who has worked so hard on this project. 

If you haven’t visited Goodies yet, why not pop in on a Tuesday or Thursday between 10.00am and 4.00pm 

You can meet some of our regular volunteers and share a coffee and some lovely home baking (courtesy of Margaret Nolan) and we have a good stock of shoes, clothing, books and household items. 

As the interim coordinator for Goodies 2U I have been striving to maintain the wonderful efforts that were put into place by Rev Jill Lienert and building on her efforts with my own initiatives. One such initiative has been to establish a stock rotation system in place.

For the month of June we priced all new stock with orange price tags.

In July we priced new stock with yellow price tags.

Yellow price tags will continue to be used for August

In September we will change to a new colour tag, and will also remove all orange coloured price tagged stock (from June)

In this way, we will always have a good rotation of new stock at Goodies 2U, in order to encourage our customers to make repeat visits. 

How can you help with the Op Shop?
Most of our stock comes from the original Goodies Op Shop at Clayton Wesley Uniting Church but every now and then we need a specific item that lots of customers are asking for, or to help with our displays. At present, we are in need of coffee mug stands, jewellery stands, and small display that we can use as part of our shop fittings. If anyone has any goods like this that they have available to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, the op shop relies on volunteers. We are always happy to welcome new people who would like to help out – we can’t open unless we have at least two people to help out on our trading days (Tuesdays and Thursdays.) Please speak to our minister Rev Dr Peter Trudinger if you’d like more information about being a volunteer!

Bek Grayden
Goodies 2U Coordinator

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