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History Month at Scots Church

South Australia’s History Month, About Time, will again be held in May. The Uniting Church SA Historical Society are planning some events in which Scots Church will be involved.

Presbyterian 150th Anniversary

When early settlers arrived in Adelaide from Scotland they found that they had the choice of three Scottish Presbyterian Churches. There was the Church of Scotland who built a big church, St Andrew’s, in Wakefield Street. There were the Presbyterians in Flinders Street whose roots were in the various secession churches in Scotland and who became the United Presbyterians. And then there was Chalmers Church, on the corner of North Terrace and Pulteney Street, the Free Church of Scotland. Each church had its own ministers and all were trying to establish congregations in the suburbs and country areas. But the population of South Australia was not large enough to support three Presbyterian denominations and most of the divisions that seemed so important in Scotland were irrelevant in South Australia. So a union was proposed. After much debate a “basis of union” was drawn up and on 10th May 1865 the Presbyterian Church of South Australia was formed, uniting the three into one Presbytery with eight ministers and fifteen congregations.

150 years ago, the formal inaugural service was held in St Andrew’s Church and in the evening of 10th May a big celebratory meeting was held at Chalmers Church. So the obvious place in which to celebrate this anniversary is Scots Church, formerly known as Chalmers Church. The Historical Society and Scots Church are planning the service together. Because 10th May is Mother’s Day it was decided to hold the service on Sunday 3rd May at 10.30am. Please Tell All Your Friends and Former Presbyterians About This Occasion!

The Trenches, the Home Front and the Protestant Church

Many History Month activities this year are related to World War One, so the Historical Society will mount an exhibition in McGregor Hall at Scots Church from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th, 10.00am to 3.00pm each day. It will include a display of postcards, letters and memorabilia and also stories and poems from both the home front and the trenches, and remind us of how deeply the war affected the churches in South Australia.

Pacifism in World War I

Delegates at the International Congress of Women, The Hague, April 1915. Photograph from Also as part of History Month, The Quakers will mount a display of banners depicting their concerns during WWI in the Hall Foyer at Scots from the15th May to 29th May, 10am – 3.00pm each weekday. They write about this exhibition:

This display highlights the dissent, courage and conscience present in World War One, providing a counterpoint to the commemoration of military engagement. 

The Exhibition pays tribute to the courage of those people and communities who expressed their faith and conviction in opposing war and in working for peace. It highlights the need for our continuing commitment to peace-making, disarmament and non-violent resolution of conflicts within and between nations.”

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