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A Time to Remember and Look Forward

At this time of year, we have two occasions on which to remember our heritage and look forward to the future: South Australians celebrate the beginning of European settlement here on PROCLAMATION DAY, 28th December, and we join in the national celebration of AUSTRALIA DAY on 26th January. 

Eternal God,
we thank you for this land of Australia;
its wide open spaces, varied coastline, ancient hills,
its mystery and its beauty.
We pray for all who know this country as home:
for the Indigenous people, ancient custodians of the land,
for those whose ancestors came from other nations
and for newcomers from many places.
May we care for this land with wisdom,
may we live together in peace.

Gracious God,
we thank you for all that enriches our lives:
for shared work and recreation,
for the interchange of cultures and ideas.
We pray for those whose lives have been broken
by natural disasters, disease or poverty,
for victims of violence and for the violent,
and for all who seek asylum and acceptance in this country.
May we listen to each other with tolerance,
may we live together in peace.

Loving God,
we thank you for expressions of love and compassion,
for voluntary aid and community care,
and for sharing between people of different faiths.
We pray that government and people,
informed by truth and directed by love,
may be quick to act for justice and mercy
and reject all prejudice and discrimination.
May we know partnership in diversity,
may we live together in peace.

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow,
we thank you for those who established this State and Nation,
for their vision, their hope, their tenacity,
and their faith in you, our God.
Help us to see what is valuable
in the work of those who went before us,
and to build on the past with gratitude,
stimulated by hope and strengthened by faith.
May we be open to new possibilities,
may we live together in peace.

Rev Norah Norris
(Photo onemansweb by permission)

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