Rev Dr George Davidson

Rev. Dr. GEORGE DAVIDSON MA, DD (1855 - 1936) Flinders Street Church 1898-1928.

He had long ministry (30 years) with the congregation but, with an emphasis on churchmanship and scholarly preaching, his approach differed from that of his predecessors.

He was a native of Dundee NZ and began life in a merchant's office. After a few years he gave up commercial pursuits with the view of qualifying himself for the ministry of the United Presbyterian Church. He graduated at St. Andrews University; and obtained prizes in moral philosophy, natural philosophy, metaphysics, and mathematics. After a distinguished career in the Theological Hall of the United Presbyterian Church, Edinburgh, he was called to Allars U.P. Church, Hawick, and during his thirteen years' ministry there he ably supported the temperance movement, the Liberal cause, and disestablishment (the movement for the separation of church and state)..

He served three times as Moderator of South Australia and later as Moderator General of the Australian Presbyterian Church. His contribution to the councils of the Church was invaluable.

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