The Communion Table - Prof E H Rennie

The Communion Table was dedicated on the 3rd June 1928 in the memory of Prof E H Rennie MA DSc, who was Session Clerk (Secretary of the Council of Elders) at Chalmers Church 1906 – 1927. (See Prof Rennie's memorial here)

The table, costing 16 pounds, 12 shillings and sixpence[i], was originally placed below the central pulpit. In the 1940 renovations of the interior of the church the table was enriched with oak panels in front and sides and the central panel adorned with the symbol IHS in raised gold lettering. This symbol belongs to the Church Universal. In one tradition, it stands for “Jesus Hominum Salvator” (Jesus, Saviour of Humanity). In another, it stands for the first three letters of the name of “Jesus”.[ii]

[i] £16.12.6 in 1860 is approximately $1,350 Australian dollars today

[ii] Womersley, A. 2001, 150th Anniversary TALK Magazine souvenir issue, Scots Church Adelaide

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